Thursday, January 21, 2010

Knitting for babies…

This is one of the lovely cupcakes from the surprise baby shower for Ebony... (Taken with the new camera!!!)

I love knitting for babies. They are small making all of their garments both cute and relatively fast to knit. I like green and blue, which are appropriate colors for any baby, and I have found a variety of machine-washable yarns I really like. That said, my friends, you need to space your babies better. I don’t mean the time between your first and second child. I couldn’t care less how you space them. I mean the time between your baby and the baby of my other friends. This month alone I have 3 friends’ babies being born. This combined with a rather superstitious unwillingness to knit before about the 8th or 9th month of pregnancy, and the fact that Christmas was only a month ago, means that I currently have 3 baby projects I mind. The next one isn’t due until June. Couldn’t someone have gotten pregnant a month later?

First, a picture of the sleep-sack in progress for Ebony's baby (due in a few weeks). It still needs a hood, but it's already so cute...

Second, the first of two (thumbless) mittens for Ken's baby, born already but not quite ready for mittens.

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