Friday, February 05, 2010

Birthday Calendar

I like to have lots of celebrations for my birthday, often extending it to a week or a month of festivities. This year is no exception… Last night Alicia and I went to the DSO and had a wonderful time. It was a beautiful concert and I really enjoyed it. Tonight we are going for sushi and will be relaxing at home (my activity of choice these days) and I’ll be celebrating with each mom and dad later in the weekend. Yay!

Here's Alicia's first shot with my camera - me inside the lovely Detroit Symphony Orchestra Hall.

And a lovely picture of the program...

The hall itself (I was told I could take photos as long as I didn't use a flash, didn't take a picture of any of the musicians, or take any photos during the performance...).

Here we are, having set the camera on the ledge in front of us for a variation on the held-at-arms-length shot.

And finally, Orchestra Hall from down the street on our way home.

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  1. Good work surviving this long! As I went to the post office, I realized that I can bring you your gift in person, which will be much better. So, I am doing that. I'm getting in on Thursday... at midnight (Friday, I guess).

    (Check out the Jessup blog for an amazing pic of McK.)