Monday, August 09, 2010

Breaks – the gifts that keep on giving

This is a post I conceived of a while back, and have been meaning to post for the better part of a month. It is a reminder to myself (and perhaps to you) that taking breaks is good for you. Not only does taking a break allow you to recharge and return to work fresh and motivated, the benefits of the break rarely end with that initial payoff. Whether it’s the cool clean sheets on the bed that were only possible because of a laundry and reading break in the late afternoon, a delicious snack made possible by taking a pause to make hummus, or even just a lasting feeling of accomplishment for reading a book that was not related to work/school, the good things that come from taking breaks are many. I am continually reminded of this when I cook with fresh basil. The plants that continue to thrive in my living room were sprouted during a particularly difficult spring semester a little over a year ago, and were transplanted into pots during my preliminary exams, at both points they provided a much necessary pause in otherwise hectic periods. And… as if that weren’t enough… they have been providing delicious fresh herbs for over a year!

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