Monday, August 30, 2010


Today was my first real day back from my much needed end-of-summer vacation. Technically I arrived home last Thursday, but practically I needed a few days to catch up and also a few more days of relaxation before jumping into fall. Though I travelled a lot this summer, this was really the first trip where I got to relax. I saw the Smithsonian Museum of American History and the Air and Space Museum with Matt and Sonia in DC (see me with the Wright Brothers below), and enjoyed delicious food and wonderful company the whole weekend I was there. I must say, enjoying AMSA from the outside (having retired from the national leadership) is truly a treat.

From DC, my flight through JFK was really delayed so I was graciously (!) rerouted by Delta through Detroit to Burlington. Feeling not only I like I got a great deal on my ticket (since I ultimately didn’t just fly in a circle, I flew home in between, even if only for 45 minutes), but also like for the first time in my life Delta actually had a workable solution to a flight problem, I arrived in Burlington, VT pretty happy. I was made even happier by getting to see Ash who is always the hostest with the mostest. It helps that she tends to live in places where delicious foods are made… And that she works in places that allow me to “rent” [for free] awesome bikes that I will not be able to afford for many years… It was a fantastic trip (see Ash and I/Ben and Jerry enjoying ourselves at the factory tour), and I already miss the kitties (another thing Ash has going for her).

If anything was going to prepare me for the fall, this was it… Bring on the semester!

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