Thursday, August 12, 2010

Farmers Market Bounty

Now that I’m in town for longer than 5 days, I’m enjoying the farmers market.* It is the perfect time of year because lots of things are done growing and ready to be eaten. I froze a bunch of green beans and wax beans (because anything that is on sale if you buy a “bucket” has to be worth it), and have been enjoying the purple beans (which I refuse to freeze because they turn normal green when you blanch them, so I insist on eating them raw), as well as tomatoes and will soon enjoy some broccoli as well. I don't have time for a long post, but wanted to share some pretty vegetable pictures... (And a fruit picture... but it's less beautiful...)

(Also, a quick unsolicited pitch for Locavorious, which is the frozen CSA I’ve subscribed to. I never thought I would look forward to winter produce, but theirs is delicious! I will get to eat all kinds of farmers market goodies that I missed while I was out of town.)

*I would like to note that I did not put an apostrophe after “farmers” because the website for the Ann Arbor Farmers Market did not, but the Wikipedia entry for “Farmers’ Markets” did include one. If you have strong feelings about this, please comment. I couldn’t decide one way or the other…

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