Sunday, March 13, 2011

Brain recovery…

Apparently my last post sounded despondent enough to concern my mother, so here I present to you the post of reassurance. In addition to freaking out a bit about returning to the hospital, I have been doing the following to recover from the stress of defense preparation:

1. Taking gratuitous pictures of the dog. Enough said…

2. Reading books that could in no way be construed as upsetting or stressful. I just finished reading Knit The Season by Kate Jacobs, the third book in the Friday Night Knitting Club series. It was great. The writing was perfectly acceptable, the plot was entertaining, and enjoying it took approximately no effort on my part.

3. Making new brains!

We have a long tradition of making chocolates for big events (graduations, weddings, green card approvals, etc) in our family, and even though I’m not actually getting the PhD for another few years, mom suggested that we make chocolates for my defense (with the promise of more chocolates when I actually graduate). After perusing Amazon’s dazzling array of chocolate molds, I found the brains. They proved to be somewhat larger than expected (the story of my family, I suppose…), but look pretty awesome.


  1. Those brains are so pretty!

  2. Those brains photograph nicely, too. I am relieved after seeing you yesterday and, as usual, you are weathering things just fine! Walter seems to be, also...the stress barometer!