Thursday, March 10, 2011

Starting to seem real

My defense is happening in a week in a half (in case you’ve been wondering why my posts have been, how shall we say, irregular recently), and it’s finally starting to seem like I’m going back to medical school.

I went and saw the Smoker last weekend, which is the University of Michigan Medical School’s student-conceived, –written, –directed, –acted, –danced, and –sung musical about the medical school and the hospital. It is always based on a movie or musical, and this year was a medical version of Mean Girls: Spleen Girls. Seeing it made me miss participating - I danced and had small non-speaking walk on roles in Orifice Space (Office Space), The Breakfast Clubbing, Cyanosis, and Edema (The Breakfast Club), Billy Medicine (Billy Madison), and Old Stool (Old School) – and also reminded me of how much UMMS trivia I have yet to learn as an M3!

I’ve also been thinking about some of the practical parts of going back to the medical school. I’m ordering a few extra white coats (so that I have some laundry leeway), thinking about my car situation (after my trusty ‘93 Escort died in December), and looking into dog sitters/walkers for Walt. It’s all a little overwhelming, so I’ve been reading, knitting, and sleeping to avoid addressing everything for a little bit… As it gets more real, however, it’s becoming unavoidable.

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