Thursday, March 31, 2011

Slow news day?

I find that on the slower news days, many of the things I’m actually interested in get covered. When there are no massive natural disasters, war is not declared (officially or unofficially), and celebrities are not making public their battles with substance use (officially or unofficially), questions about equity in terms of gender and sexuality are suddenly interesting fodder for discussion. It helps a bit that the Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case in which Wal-Mart claims that the women suing it for employment discrimination do not have enough in common to warrant a class-action suit. Although Wal-Mart would have you believe that the case has nothing to do with the sex discrimination the formed the basis of the case at the beginning, and that it is only about standing in the court, but I think it will be interesting (and maybe scary) to hear the discussion about whether or not having one’s sex and (former-)employer in common is enough to join up into a class-action suit. Below are a few other links I found interesting and though I’d share. Some of them are restricted (through the Chronicle of Higher Education), but even the little tidbits are interesting.

For Women Seeking to Advance in Academe, Advice From 4 Who Made It to the Top

Taking the Gender Fight Worldwide

Leadership Spots Opening Up for Gay and Lesbian Academics

Gay Academics Find New Paths to the Top

Episode 13: An ‘All-American’ Student Leader’s Search for Identity

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