Saturday, June 04, 2011

Benny’s Bakery

I wanted to go for a bike ride today and decided that I didn’t need to wait for someone to be available to go with me to visit a delicious attraction outside the city limits. As I was playing around with Gmaps Pedometer (one of the best uses of Google Maps ever), I saw that I could get to Saline, MI (pronounced sal-EEN, not like contact solution) pretty easily. I promptly headed to Yelp to find somewhere to get a snack when I got there. I discovered Benny’s Bakery. I suspected from the reviews that I would be too late to get the highly sought after Saturday hot pretzel, but consoled myself with the prospect of a delicious muffin or doughnut about halfway through my ride.

My route took me through downtown Ann Arbor and scenic Lodi Township, which is “Rooted in Agriculture” according to their website.

Once I arrived in scenic downtown Saline, I quickly found the bakery, complete with a group of older gentlemen chatting about how smoking used to be considered healthy.

I confirmed that I’d missed the pretzels, and instead had a chocolate-glazed doughnut. It was really good! I also had a juice, though in retrospect this was not enough food.

It was around 11:30am (read: lunch time!) and I got back on my bike to head back to Ann Arbor. Around mile 20, still about 5 miles from home, I started to feel icky, and had to get off my bike and eat part of a Clif Bar I had thankfully tucked into my jersey pocket before I left. It was a lot warmer today than I’d planned for, and I probably didn’t have enough water OR food for my ride. Lesson learned, I rehydrated vigorously when I got home, and all was well.


  1. I had completely forgotten about Benny's. I used to be a huge fan of Queen of Hearts Pastries - and still am - but they moved to Ypsi.

  2. Just found her website - looks tasty! I'll add it to the list for future "interval" training...