Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hello summer…

It’s been warm here, and while it’s cooled down substantially today, the search for all things refreshing has been unending. It seems appropriate to celebrate the official start of summer by sharing something cool and delicious with you. Enter Ashley and her knowledge of many things foreign and fancy. When I had dinner with her last weekend she introduced me to the concept of a shandy, a grown-up Arnold Palmer that is half lemonade and half beer. Apparently it is a dainty lady’s drink in Britain… The combination of Oberon and a really good lemonade was really fantastic and, although many beer lovers are probably judging me right now, I would mix them again in a heartbeat.

Fast forward to this morning, when I was describing this drink to someone else, and couldn’t remember the name. Entering “half lemonade half beer” into Google to try to find it, I discovered not only the Wikipedia page for Shandy, but also a Huffington Post article about cocktails made with beer. Because the lead slide was about a spicy Mexican beer cocktail called a michelada, I was somewhat dubious due to my experience with “Chips and Salsa” Beer:

It was not delicious … I’ve concluded that beer should not be spicy. It is not refreshing to have your drink leave a hot burning taste in your mouth…

Looking past the michelada, however, I’m interested to try the Lambic Sangria recipe from Chow. Let me know what you think of any of these if you try them, as I’m eager to explore new beverage options, as well as dodging bullets when I can.

While I suspect that this new knowledge will not get me out of looking like a little kid (with my Shirley Temple) or like a confirmed member of the ladies who love ladies club (with my beer, which never looks dainty at a wedding or other fancy occasion), I suppose I could at least try to ask for a shandy at my next dressy occasion, and hope it comes in a glass that looks like everyone else’s cocktails. Regardless of any long-term possibilities, I will be making these all summer long!

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