Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cycling update

My last mention of a cycling-related topic was in a post about how little I had biked during my month in the ICU. Sadly, the two months that followed did not look much better.

 I had a few notable rides, and a few trips to and from the hospital for my rotations, but mostly I felt tired and sore from standing all day, and lazy because I wasn’t on my bike. You’ll notice, however, that is has leveled out since I started my month of vacation and interviews. Here are some highlights from my fall riding thus far:
1. Taco Tour Cinco! I didn’t take any photos, as I hadn’t yet gotten my new (fancy!) phone and I didn’t want to lug my camera around, but this was a great event. As per usual, the tacos were fantastic. My favorite is always Dos Hermanos, for their amazing black bean tacos, but this year Taqueria La Fiesta had a really fantastic nopalito taco that was a close runner-up for me.
2. New Jersey! I ordered a University of Michigan cycling jersey back in April, and was planning to wear it for the century ride. It got caught up in some administrative disaster, and I didn’t get it until just a few weeks ago. Since I ended up having to wait so long, however, I got a great deal on some other Michigan cycling gear. Now that I have it, it’s heavily into the rotation and I decide to try out all of it together on a ride this week. I probably won’t wear the full kit again (as I think it makes me look a we bit more intense than I am), but will definitely be sporting bits and pieces of maize and blue spandex on my rides!

3. Fall colors! This is the best time of year for beautiful rides, and my new phone takes way better pictures than the old one…

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