Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Dear Anonymous

Dear Anonymous commenter,

I’m not sure how many people read the comments on my blog, but those who do have surely noticed a large volume of comments from you, “Anonymous.” I have reason to suspect that you are only a single person, Anonymous, because the tone of your comments is always the same. You do choose interesting moments at which to comment, however, and you are always entertaining. Here are some of the things I have learned about you by reading your comments:
  1. You, like everyone else who reads the blog, love Walter. You love him so much that his the primary focus of your comments.
  2. You enjoy capitalization of words for EMPHASIS, and wild punctuation!!!! I suspect that you talk like this too.
  3. You may be a crazy, dog-loving comparison shopper, given that when I posted about a dog bed, you posted a similar but less expensive one in the comments very, very quickly.
  4. You care a lot about my emotional well-being, but somehow not enough to use your name in your posts and reassure me that I don’t have some creepy anonymous follower who may or may not try to steal the dog in my sleep.
I hope that you continue to enjoy the blog, because I continue to enjoy imagining a nameless follower I’ve never met who occasionally frets over my anxiety level, but also needs a regular fix of the puppy photos and has lots of OPINIONS!!!! You leave the oddest anonymous comments I have every seen. Please keep posting.


Your daughter

PS. That's right, mom, silly letters aside, I know it's you.

PPS. Please don’t bother to start using your actual Google profile to post comments, as the anonymous ones are hilarious.

PPPS. Just for you...

When Walter gets sleepy, he can't keep his tongue in his mouth or ensure that his eyes point in the same direction. So cute!


  1. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Let's all start posting as Anon! I love a good bandwagon.

  2. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Dear Andrea- it reassures me that it did not take long to figure me out. Yes, my Internet abilities (or lack there of) have precluded using one of the many google accounts I have. For some reason, it always wants the equivalent of my social security number, birthdate of my first and second born, and a string of those indexipherable letters!!!!!!!! (I know how you like it when I use exclamation points!!!!!!) just to leave a message. You will have noticed that some times I sign my name or mom. More confusion from blogs, Facebook and email: when to sign your name, when not, when to double click, when not ...but I persevere... Or perseverate or both..

    Always waiting for more blog posts so I can AMUSE yOU!!!!

    Anonymously your mother