Monday, October 22, 2012

A reflection on Blogger stats

This blog, in case you hadn’t noticed, is hosted on Blogger, which uses a simple version of Google Analytics to tell you about how many people look at your blog, where they come from, and what platforms they are using. I like to check this out, as it has revealed an interesting conglomeration of both surprising and unsurprising things. I will leave you to decide for yourself which are surprising, and which are not:

  • that my blog has been posted on a list of medical student blogs;
  • that everyone loves Walter more than any other kind of content I could post;
  • that some people don’t access my blog through Facebook, an RSS feed, or Google Reader, but instead search for things like “dr dre medical school”;
  • that some people arrive at my blog after searching for keywords like “tree smells like poop” and “purple vegetables list”

Those of you who have been long-time, or even just diligent readers will recognize that those keywords most likely refer to one wildly popular post about the Bradford Pear trees on campus and to one very obscure post from back in 2009 about all of the purple vegetables I bought at the farmer’s market. I wish I had some way to predict which random posts would be most popular.

Residency interviews get off and running at the end of the week… I’m a little nervous, but will keep you all posted!

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