Saturday, November 03, 2012

Time I got up to get to the airport in Boston: 3:15AM

Number of empty rows on each leg of my flight to Seattle: 10+

Number of screaming children traveling with me from Philadelphia to Seattle: 1

Cost of earplugs that I try to keep in my carry-on: $0.50

Value of laying down across three seats and sleeping for another four hours: Priceless

I have now forgiven US Airways for any past injustices, as I was on two very empty flights this morning, and I got to sleep for almost the entire flight from Boston to Philly, and then another few hours en route to Seattle. It was so incredibly nice to sleep a bit more since I needed to catch up after Boston evenings filled with a pre-interview mixer and a fabulous dinner with the most amazing out-of-town friends a girl could want, and mornings filled with interviews (starting at 6:45AM!) and flights (departing at 3:50AM!). My gracious host (a friend from med school) couldn’t have been kinder, but I didn’t spend nearly enough time in the bed she provided!

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