Sunday, December 13, 2015

More post-call days

It turns out that taking q3 call means that I have a lot of post-call days. I know that some of you will be thinking about how coddled current residents are, not working even more the day after being on call, but I'm okay with that level of gentle accommodation, because I'm pretty destroyed at the end of a 24 hour call during which I sleep less than an hour and no one could possibly want to receive medical care from me at that point. I've slept (a lot) less on my last few calls, but my adventures have still been beautiful, if slightly abbreviated due to occurring post-nap.

 I drove to Makapuu Lighthouse a few days ago and en route stopped and saw this.

 Then climbed up past the lighthouse for this view.

 And today I biked up the windward side of the island.  

Apparently Walter was walking in the rain yesterday, so after biking the last five miles today in a torrential downpour, we were similarly soaked and muddy...

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