Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Snow for the holidays

On Sunday I was again post-call and had quite an adventure. I had slept quite a bit on call the night before so elected to go directly to the North Shore for another bike ride. I'm sort of trying to bike around the entire circumference of the island before Lynn arrives. I've been making decent headway!

To start, I saw my first Hawaiian rainbows. They made the gas station I was at seem much more scenic and lovely.

Then I rode my bike from Waialua to Ka'ena Point, stopping at a few scenic places along the way.  

 On my way back, I took a little side trip onto a road that was recommended by Midwife Mary. She said, and I quote, "It is a nice paved road that goes up into the hills and has beautiful views. You just go into a gate that is across from the polo fields and before you get to the airfield." I followed her instructions to the letter, but somehow ended up here, on my road bike. This photo was taken in the middle of a nature reserve that, although lovely, contained locusts that I initially thought were birds because they were so large. I will be follow-up up with Midwife Mary regarding her recommendation. I don't know where I went wrong. 

Once I had recovered from the locusts and the dirt road, I went into Haleiwa for some food. I went to Giovanni's Shrimp Truck which proved as delicious as the reviews promised. Then I noticed that there was a truck called the Snow Factory right next door. Now, I had tried shave ice, which is basically just a sno-cone, and although delicious at the end of a totally unshaded hike is not a life-changing event. I had also heard that "island snow" was a concoction consisting of a scoop of soft serve underneath a snow cone, mostly in the news due to President Obama's dedication to the dessert, though he apparently doesn't like the ice cream and prefers just the shave ice. I was curious about this truck, and learned that they make finely shaved milk-based shave ice that is not only beautiful but delicious, and is served with toppings that include mochi balls and weird gelatin-encased juice droplets. This is my mango-passion fruit flavored bowl, and a picture of the fluffy inside. This was amazing. So amazing that a little friend tried to join my snack time. 

I may have overdone it a bit, and did nothing with my post-call day today because I was exhausted. There are worse things. 


  1. We have that dessert here in the DC burbs, so you know who to visit if you need/want more later!!

  2. Ummmm u are making me more and more excited to go!!!!

  3. Ummmm u are making me more and more excited to go!!!!

    1. Yes! So much deliciousness and sunshine!!!