Thursday, December 10, 2015

The North Shore and a flat tire

On Tuesday I got to leave the hospital a little bit early because I'm taking a lot of call this week. At the recommendation of my morning OR attending, I headed up to the North Shore. I learned that this is where fancy professionals come to surf, and that even swimming here is a poor choice if you are not prepared for the terrifying currents and 20-foot waves.

At the recommendation of the good Dr. Isquick, I started my visit at Banzai Sushi. I had some poke which was delicious, and then noticed the dessert menu. They offered a tempura banana with coconut ice cream that I could not turn down. It was amazing. I did not take a photo because I didn't pause long enough before eating it...

Then I drove a little way up the road, parked my car, and hopped on my bike! I headed up Kamehameha Hwy to Turtle Bay, and then turned around and biked back. There was a little rain, during which times I stopped under trees, but it was a lovely ride. A flat tire put a bit of a damper on the end of my ride, but I made it back to the car and headed to a bike shop for some tuning up.

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