Monday, December 07, 2015


I rested enough overnight last night that I had energy to do some things this morning! I'll probably need a nap, but the sprinkling of hours over the night seems to have been just enough.

First, I celebrated the first day of Hannukah. (Traditionally the nights are celebrated, I know, but I am neither Jewish nor was I available yesterday evening, so cut me some slack. This was mostly an excuse for doughnuts.)

I celebrated with a passion-fruit-flavored, custard-filled malasada (Portuguese doughnut) from Leonard's. There are apparently several places to get malasadas in Honolulu, but this one was open and I had a delicious breakfast post-call. Happy Hannukah!

Then I decided to bike around Pearl Harbor since it is December 7. There is a rails-to-trails path around much of the harbor, so that's what I did. There are some nice views of the boats, but mostly it is a kind of stinky path. There are a very large number of tent cities along it, and Google subsequently directed me to ride my bike onto a highway in order to access another beach, which I did not do but only barely missed, so it was an exciting morning. 

These ships are in a NavSea Inactive Ships On-Site Maintenance Facility in Pearl Harbor. They are gigantic, though my views were limited by the various and sundry fences and restricted access roads. 

Here I am sporting my Menstrual Cycles jersey in Hawaii. You can see another boat in the background.

The other nice thing I can say about the Pearl Harbor Bike Trail is that it included some plumeria trees. They smell lovely, though they could not compete with the swampy smell of the rest of the trail.

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