Friday, March 08, 2013

On the fourth day of Matchmas…

My ERAS gave to me,

a turn toward Northwestern,

a hopscotch path to Hopkins,

a Partners program love telegram,

and the awesomeness of Beth Israel Deaconess.*

Amazing things about Northwestern:

  • Chicago! Friends and family so near by! Countless academic institutions so near by! Delicious food so near by!
  • Partnership with Storger (Cook County) Hospital for an exciting breadth of experiences
  • Possible Physician Scientist Training Program for a fellowship when I’m done with residency (Please do not groan – it would be nice for someone to pay me to do my research…)
  • Friendly residents who are excited about research

*I realized I had forgotten one of the key features of the Twelve Days of Christmas, which is that every new one is repeated every day following. Please forgive me…

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