Monday, March 11, 2013

On the ninth day of Matchmas…

My ERAS gave to me,

a frying pan-Rube Goldberg-plan to get to San Fran,

an evangelist for Los Angeles,

the pitter-patter of palpitations for Pittsburgh,

a passionate yen for Penn,

the paragon in Oregon,

a turn toward Northwestern,

a hopscotch path to Hopkins,

a Partners program love telegram,

and the awesomeness of Beth Israel Deaconess.

UCSF has so many great things going for it:

  • Awesome residents who are friendly and accomplish great stuff while doing all kinds of other things (like biking!)
  • San Francisco! Family, friends, and all the queer culture a girl could want in an overall amazingly fantastic city.
  • A great range of clinical experiences (including a PGY-3 rotation in Hawaii…)
  • Faculty in my research area

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