Thursday, March 07, 2013

On the third day of Matchmas…

My ERAS gave to me,

a hopelessly happy hopscotch path to Hopkins…

  • So much history…
  • Incredible connections to a great School of Public Health
  • Beautiful new hospital
  • Baltimore: It’s the Detroit of 2030 – an exciting and vibrant town with a troubled past that has lots of affordable housing
  • So many friends living in or heading toward Baltimore, DC, and New York


  1. So excited to see you guys Match next Friday! Bittersweet to see my class move on with a degree, leaving me to my MSTP mid-life crisis, haha.

  2. All of us have had those mid-MSTP crises! Don't hesitate to reach out to other MSTPs, because we all go through it. The fourth year is the hardest. You'll be fantastic though!

  3. Really? You're the first person admitting 4th year could be the hardest. I really appreciate hearing that, since I've been in a sort of denial.

  4. I absolutely found it to be the most difficult. You are at the slowest point of your PhD, your med school class is graduating, you are realizing that you're only about halfway through. It only gets better from there! And it will get better!