Wednesday, March 13, 2013

On the tenth day of Matchmas…

My ERAS gave to me,

a hurrah for the Yellow and Blue,*

a disco to lure me to San Francisco,

an evangelist for Los Angeles,

the pitter-patter of palpitations for Pittsburgh,

a passionate yen for Penn,

the paragon in Oregon,

a turn toward Northwestern,

a hopscotch path to Hopkins,

a Partners program love telegram,

and the awesomeness of Beth Israel Deaconess.

Awesomeness at Michigan:

  • Fantastic residents that I know I adore
  • An amazing chair who has mentored me for over a decade now
  • Friends and family so nearby

*For those of you who do not already bleed maize and blue, this is a line from the alma mater, The Yellow and Blue.


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  2. Is this an ordered list with your preference increasing with each new one you post? That's what I've been assuming. If true, then: haaaahahaha! I love that Michigan ranks so high on your list, after all this time. Can't say I blame you!

  3. I thought I made it clear that this was alphabetical. I have given no indication of the order of my preferences. :)

  4. alphabetical? now I am confused.

  5. I alphabetized them as I had them on my list (i.e. UM, Pittsburgh, etc) so only some of it makes sense. The bottom line is that the order is not related to my preferences!

  6. Ahhh, gotcha. Thanks!